BITAC Exam Questions- 2016

BITAC Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Exam Questions- 29/04/16
Draw the schematic diagram of vapor absorption refrigeration system.
Find the h of gas turbine power plant, pressure given at isentropic process.
Write down the factors of improving the Efficiency of Gas Turbine Plant.
Draw the temperature profile of parallel and counter flow double pipe heat exchanger.
Find out the height from the diagram, pressure given ( r= mgh math)
Frictional head loss, hf = math.
Shear force diagram.
Find out the speed, gear train math 
Engineering drawing, TOP, LHS, FRONT VIEW
Machine design math.

BOF recruitment test 2016

Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF), Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Recruitment test-2016

01. What is the difference between reciprocating and rotary Engine?
02. Write down the significance of Mohr’s Circle?
03. What is engineering stress-strain curve and true Stress-strain?  
04. Write down the second law of Thermodynamics.
05. What is the difference between fire tube and water tube boiler?
06. Elaborate the abbreviate words: EFI, VVT, VVTI, ABC, VOSC
07. Describe the cetane and octane number.

ICT related abbreviated words

Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity.
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS -  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
- Uniform Resource Locator.
-  Internet Protocol
VIRUS - Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
- Subscriber Identity Module.
- 3rd Generation.
GSM -Global System for Mobile Communication.
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access.
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
- Real Time Streaming.
- Audio Video Interleave.
SIS Symbian OS Installer File.
- Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
- Java Application Descriptor
- Java Archive
MP3- MPEG player lll
3GPP- 3rd Generation Partnership Project
-3rd Generation Project
-MPEG-4 video file
- Advanced Audio Coding
- Graphic Interchangeable Format
-Joint Photographic Expert Group
-Shock Wave Flash
-Windows Media Video
-Windows Media Audio
-Waveform Audio

CUET opens on Tuesday

The academic activities of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) will resume on Tuesday 3rd May 2016, 26 days after it was shut while there was a  demonstration of the students with their 9-point demand including the resignation of Student Advisor Prof Dr Ashitosh Shah.However, the students' dormitories will open on Monday 7.0 AM, CUET notice.
The CUET was indefinitely closed on 7th April, 2016  while there was  demonstration of the students with their 9-point demand including the resignation of Student Advisor Prof Dr Ashitosh Shah.

Walton recruitment test

Recruitment test for maintenance Engineer at Walton (full marks: 50) :-
01. Write down different types of bearing. Give some applications of bearing.
02. Differentiate between pneumatic system and hydraulic system.
      Write down some international  hydraulic oils.
03. What is solenoid valve, safety valve, pressure regulator, accumulator.
      Difference between safety valve and relief valve.
04. Difference between compressor and blower. Difference between hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor.
05. What is the difference between schedule maintenance and corrective maintenance.