Practical Knowledge Synchronization with Theoretical Knowledge

 Practical Knowledge Synchronization with Theoretical Knowledge

Our Bangladeshi Educational System is totally based on theory. Lack of synchronization with practical Knowledge our students faced lots of trouble when enters into the job. Especially Engineering field students are facing  lots of problem due to this system. More industrial attachment need to impose in the syllabus as they can adopt with the industrial environment. Most of our technical people in the industries are non educated but they have experienced of 20-30 years. Due to age difference and educational difference some times there have been creating a conflict with the technical people and the Engineers. As a result the technician and the engineers is unable to make the working environment joyful. I have talked with many fresh engineers, they always complained about their sub-ordinates as like the technician especially the foreman don't want to share Knowledge and some times don't want to cooperate with them. This fresh Engineers sometimes get frustrated with the new working environment. The main drawbacks of our Engineering Education is that, students even unfamiliar with the hand tools which is used in the factory. If there should have more industrial attachments imposed in the Engineering Education then this sort of problem may decrease. Another interesting things is that in Bangladesh the factory don't engage specialist people for specific area so, being an engineer the management always depends on the Engineers. So, in the Engineering Syllabus should be synchronized based on the factory machinery. 

JSC & JDC Result 2013

The result of JSC & JDC of 2013 has been Published today.
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