Everyone Vs.  Every One

Everyone (Single Word) is only for people (=everybody), Every One (two words) is for things or people and is similar to each one. (Ex. "Have you read all these books?" 'yes, every one')

1. Everyone Enjoyed the party (=everybody)
2. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to every one. (= to every party)

Source: English Grammar in use by Raymond Murphy 

Some Elaborations:
1. NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
2. WiFi-  Wireless Fidelity
3. HTTP- Hyper Text Markup Language
4. LDC- Least Development Country
5. GDP- Gross Domestic Product
6. IMF- International Monetary Fund
7. TIFA- Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
8. SAFTA- South Asian Free Trade Area
9. LC- Letter of Credit
10. BO- Beneficiary Owner's
11. BADC- Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
12. BCIC- Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
13. BGMEA- Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association

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