1. When the Bangla Search Engine PIPILILA stared?
Ans: 13th April, 2013
2. Where is Downing Street?
Ans: London
3. Where is East London Situated?
Ans: South Africa
4. When is the World's Women Day?
Ans: 8 March
5. Which Country is called SHAMDESH?
Ans: Thailand
6. When is the United Nations Day?
Ans: 24 October
7. What is the meaning of CNG?
Ans: Compressed Natural Gas
8. Which is the highest Court in Bangladesh?
Ans: Supreme Court
9. Which country has adopted "Bengali" language the status of second state language?
Ans: Sierra Leone
10. The word TSUNAMI originated from which language?
Ans: Japanese
11. During Liberation war Dhaka was under which sector?
Ans: 2
12.Which  Day is the longest day in a year?
Ans: June 21
13. Which is the nearest planet to the sun?
Ans: Mercury
14. When was the Mujib Nagar Government formed?
Ans: 10 April 1971
15. The freezing point in Fahrenheit thermometer is ?
Ans: 32 Degree Fahrenheit
16. The organization of the World Bank is known as the soft –loan window
Ans: IDA
17.What is the currency of China?
Ans: Yuan
18.“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a quotation of
Ans: Gladstone
19.Who is the first governor of Bangladesh Bank
Ans: A.N. Hamidullah
20.The city which is known as the city of Canals is
Ans: Venice
21.The biggest desert of the world is
Ans: Sahara Desert
22.The Architect of Shaheed Minar is
Ans: Hamidur Rahman 
23. The headquarters of CIRDAP is in – Dhaka
24. In terms of Land Area the biggest district is-  Rangamati
25. The national Tree of Bangladesh – Mango Tree
26. The capital of Turkey-  Ankara
27. The Ancient Name of Barishal- Chandradeep
28. The national game of Bangladesh- Cabadi
Some Elaborations:
1. NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
2. WiFi-  Wireless Fidelity
3. HTTP- Hyper Text Markup Language
4. LDC- Least Development Country
5. GDP- Gross Domestic Product
6. IMF- International Monetary Fund
7. TIFA- Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
8. SAFTA- South Asian Free Trade Area
9. LC- Letter of Credit
10. BO- Beneficiary Owner's
11. BADC- Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
12. BCIC- Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
13. BGMEA- Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association

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