EXAM QUESTIONS (For Engineers)


v What is Octane and cetane number?
v What is Boiler? Differentiate fire tube and water tube boiler.
v What is Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid?
v Write down the viscosity in MLT and derive the unit in MKS, CGS, and SI System
v Why Flywheel is an essential part of the engine?
v Write down the four laws of Thermodynamics
v What is COP and Ton of refrigeration?
v What is stress and strain? Draw the stress-strain curve for Non-Newtonian alloys
v What is volumetric efficiency?
v Meaning of SOHC, VVTI, VTEC, ABS
v Differentiate between Closed, Open and Isolated System
v What is knocking in I.C. Engine? What is the effect of Knocking?

   .What is Mach number?
Answer: The ratio of Velocity of Fluid , in an undisturbed steam to the velocity of sound wave is called Mach Number.
2.    What is the Significance of Mach Number?
Answer: M<1 flow="" font="" sub-sonic="">
M=1, Sonic flow
M= (1-6), Super Sonic flow
M>1, Hyper Sonic flow
3.    What is Ton of refrigeration? (Bangladesh Bank, Assistant Director-2013)
Answer: The amount of refrigeration effect produced by uniform melting of one ton (1000Kg) of ice from and by at 0°C in 24 hours. 1 TR= 3.5 KW
4.    What are Jigs and Fixtures? (Bangladesh Bank, Assistant Director-2013)
Answer: Jigs: Jigs are used for holding and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming, or tapping Operations.
Fixtures: Fixtures are used for holding and guiding the work in milling, grinding, planning or turning Operations.
5.    What is Newtonian Fluid? (RPCL, Assistant Manager-2013)
Answer: A Fluid whose Viscosity does not change with the rate of deformation or shear stress is known as Newtonian Fluid.
6.    Write down the Major lathe operations
Answer: Operations which can be carried out on a lathe are as follows-
Knurling, Threading, Boring, Chamfering, Taper Turning, Plain Turning, Step Turning 

What is the abbreviation of welding rod 7018?
Answer: 70= Tensile Strength 70000 psi
                 1= welding position
                  8= Current flux
What is NDT?
 Answer: Non Destructive Test

What is Chocking in Compressor? ( (BADC-2014)
What will be effect if Advancing Spark time in SI Engine?   (BADC-2014)
Which Compressor is used in Aeroplane Engine?  (BADC-2014) 
Write Boyls Law. (BADC-2014) 
What is Absolute Pressure? (Dhaka Wasa-2010)
How many chips formation in metal cutting? write the name of the chips formation. (Dhaka Wasa-2010) 
What is the significance of Reyonlds number? (Bangladesh Bank-2013) 

BADC, Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)-2014

Zibralatar Pronali Lies on……………………Spain and Morocco
World Cup 2018 would be …………………….
Who is the Present Food Minister of Bangladesh……….
What is the Synonym of Malice?
Where the highest Building will be …………………….
What is Kelvi-Plank law?
What is the function of diffuser in Compressor?
What is the relation between C and K?
What is the Aeroplane compressor system?
What is chocking in Compressor?
What is the effect of Sub-cooling in Refrigerator?
Bulk Modulus is important for measuring?
Spark timing increase what will be the effect?
Relation between COP and Power of Refrigerant
What is the flow of Centrifugal Compressor?
Which thermal Efficiency-  Petrol and Diesel  Engine?
Why the Thermal Efficiency of Diesel is higher than Petrol Engine?
What is the Compression ratio of Petrol Engine?
Starts 30 oC before of TDC and ends after 150C –Which Cycle represents?
Write Boyl’s law,
Write the relation of Indicated Horse power, Brake horse power and Frictional Horse Power.
Why the Refrigerant compressor is used? (Khurmi, Page-424, uestion-254)
Why the reciprocating Compressor are very suitable for? (Khurmi, Page-425, uestion-258)
In a centrifugal compressor the flow of air is ------to the axis of compressor
 Ph Stands for?
What is the relation between specific heat at constant pressure and specific heat at constant volume.
Why the thermal efficiency is higher in Diesel Engine than Petrol Engine

Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC)
Written Exam, Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)
Marks-75, Time: 90 Minutes, Place: Dhanmondi Govt. Boys School, Dhaka

Differentiate between Impulse and Reaction Turbine. What is staging in turbine?
What is draft tube in Hydraulic turbine?
Draw the block diagram of Vapor compression refrigeration system and the P-V , T-S Diagram
What are the characteristics of good refrigerant? Why sub-cooling is necessary in refrigeration system.
Write down the major and minor losses in pumping system
Write down the second law of thermodynamics with practical examples
Differentiate between CI and SI Engine
Why flywheel is used in IC Engines?
A block 30 m by 30m weighing 80 Kg. The friction of Co-efficient from the block and earth is 0.27. find out the embedding force
Front, Top and Right hand side view of an Isometric view.
Write the Significant of the historical speech on March 7, 1971 by Bangabundhu
“Ekti Khamar Ekti Bari Prokalpo” reducing the poverty through female involvement- comments
Machineries used in Agricultural increasing the unemployment in rural area- comments.
 Vocational education impact on economic-comments
Differentiate- a) Newton’s Law & Daltons law b) Physical change & Chemical change c) Production & Manufacturing d) speed & velocity e) acceleration & retardation

BCIC assistant-engineer-mechanical-viva

Where is the Bangladesh Secretariat situated?
Under which ministry BCIC is operated? 
Where is the Ministry of Industries situated?
What is GPO stands for?
What is Parafin?
In Urea Fertilizer with Ammonia which mole is reacted?
What is Hebar Boss process?
Where is BCIC glass factory situated?
Except KPM name other Paper mills of BCIC.
Which thing UREA absorbs?
What is the Lube oil price variation factor?
Name the Interior government minister during Liberation War of Bangladesh.

BCIC Assistant Engineer Electrical Viva (Courtesy- MD. Makhdum Elahi Mashravi Shams)
What is your name?
Where is your Job location?
Why do you want to come BCIC?
What is the American frequency?
What is the transformer principle?
Where the Chitra River stands for ?

Titas Gas Assistant Engineer Mechanical Questions 2014 

Ø  Difference between pump, compressor, blower and fan
Ø  What is volumetric efficiency?
Ø  What is Ton of Refrigeration?
Ø  Write the second Law of Thermodynamics with Example.
Ø  What is Carnot Cycle
Ø  What is closed cycle Gas turbine and draw the , P-V diagram and T-S Diagram of Closed cycle gas turbine
Ø  What is VVTI?
Ø  What is Reynolds Number? What is the significant of Reynolds Number?
Ø  What is Nusselts Number?
Ø  What is Centrifugal pump and write the different parts of the Centrifugal pump and the Performance curve of Centrifugal Pump. 

DPDC Assistant Engineer (CE) Questions

Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) Post: Assistant Engineer (CE)-2014
Exam venue: BUET, Duration: 1.5 hours, Total Marks: 100 Marks 
Marks distribution: 30 marks on General knowledge (60 objectives x 0.5= 30 marks) and 70 marks on departmental questions. 
1. Sedimentation tank design: Volume, discharge given, detention time =?
2. Rain water: Area of roof, rainfall intensity, runoff coefficient given, quantity=?
3. Chlorination curve with break point
4. FM
5. Column area, reinforcement given, tie rod spacing=?
6. SFD, BMD of a simply supported beam and a flexure=?
7. pH given, [OH-] = ?
8. Angle of friction, unit wt, height given, active pressure=?
9. Surveying: length correction of engineering chain=?
10. Concrete volume, ratio given, cement bag =? 
11. Axle load on column determination.
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