Bangladeshi Students Associations in abroad

The Bangladeshi Students studying abroad are united and observes many programs representing Bangladeshi cultures. Many Bangladeshi talent students are studying in USA, UK, KOREA, JAPAN, GERMANY and many more countries in the world. These promising students are the asset of Bangladesh. They always tries to help the nation from outside of the countries. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there an Association of Bangladeshi students named as Bangladesh Students Association (BSA), MIT (Bangladesh Students Association MIT). The Association organizes many events Which representing Bangladeshi culture. Another Bangladeshi Students Association in UK (bangladeshistudents Association UK) which also organizes many events on the occasion of our national  important days. They not only organizes events also they helped in various national disasters. These organization also helps the new students about accommodation and others  types of held needed. Some Association are based on University. Bangladeshi Students Association of Mcgill (  connects all Bangladeshi students studying in Mcgill. Another Bangladesh Students Association in KOREA named as BSAK (BSAK) is the association of Bangladeshi students living in Korea. Their  aim is to showcase our country in a collective way through different activities, merge the Bangladeshi scholars in a common platform, and uphold our innovative partnership with Korea in cumulative apprehension.In the Pennsylvania State University  there is also Bangladesh Student Association( University of New Mexico Bangladesh Students Association (University of New Mexico BSA) observes International Mother Language day and other days. 

34 BCS Written Exam result

The 34th BCS (Bangladesh Civil Services) result has been Published. Total 9 thousand 8 hundred 22 candidates selected in 34th BCS written exam result. The  Public Service Commission (PSC)  has published the result. The viva Test will be on 26 January 2015. Candidates can get the 34th BCS written exam result from the BPSC and our website.
34 th BCS Written Exam Result 

Titas Gas Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) written test Questions

Ø  Difference between pump, compressor, blower and fan
Ø  What is volumetric efficiency?
Ø  What is Ton of Refrigeration?
Ø  Write the second Law of Thermodynamics with Example.
Ø  What is Carnot Cycle
Ø  What is closed cycle Gas turbine and draw the , P-V diagram and T-S Diagram of Closed cycle gas turbine
Ø  What is VVTI?
Ø  What is Reynolds Number? What is the significant of Reynolds Number?
Ø  What is Nusselts Number?
Ø  What is Centrifugal pump and write the different parts of the Centrifugal pump and the Performance curve of Centrifugal Pump.

Rs 2 Crore Package From Facebook to IIT-Bombay Student

Daughter of Mr. Ashok Agrawal, an executive engineer at Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited (RVPNL) Ms. Aastha Agrawal (20), a fourth-year student of Computer Science at IIT-B have received a job offer of Rs 2 crore from social networking site Facebook. NDTV sources said that She is  very happy and excited with the offer and will join in the Headquarters after completing her 8th semester, who is home in Jaipur for winter vacations. She said the company was satisfied with her work during the internship and offered her the job soon after. She also said that she will be joining the job in October next year.  She had secured the seventh rank in state in National Talent Search Examination in school and also won a silver medal in International Junior Science Olympiad. Ms Agrawal had also been selected to represent India at the Junior Science International Olympiad in 2009. Sources: article-iit-bombay-student-bags-rs-2-cr-package-from-facebook-710733

Language centers in Bangladesh

There are many language centers in Bangladesh of different countries. Britsh Council,  Alliance Française,Goethe Institut are the leading centers for learning English, French and German. Many students from Bangladesh every year goes UK, Germany and other countries, so they need Some certification on language. British Council takes IELTS and IELTS in approved in many universities in many countries. The link of the centers are-