Earn Money instant

Earn Money instant by answering the following questions.
Time: 5.00 PM (GMT 6.00+) to 10.00 PM, 16/08/014

  1. Who is the present (2014) State Minister of Bangladesh? Answer:
  2. Which district are you from? And who is the Current MP? Answer:
  3. Who is the present (2014) secretary of SARRC? Answer:
  4. Who is the Present (2014) Foreign Minister of India? Answer:
  5. Where the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be held? Answer:

Quiz Prizes:
1. First Winner: Taka 100 (one hundred) Flexiload
2. 2nd  Winner: Taka 50 (fifty Flexiload
3. 3rd  Winner: Taka 20 (Twenty) Flexiload

Quiz Rule:
1. Answer all the quizzes and send the answers to the post comment with e-mail address
2. Send the quiz answers within the given period
3. If there are many right answers from the attendees then winner will be chosen by lottery.
4. Winners will be contacted through mail.

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