asugnaj power station exam questions

Asuganj Power Station Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Written Exam Questions (2010)
1/ What is boiler mountings and accessories? Name 3 mountings and accessories
2/ What is fouling factor ? what is the importance of it at the design of boiler.
3/ Define Ton of refrigeration and COP.
4/ Draw schematic diagram of closed cycle gas turbine and corresponding T-S diagram for single stage inter cooling and Single stage heating chamber.
5/ Draw P-V and T-S diagram of carnot and stirling cycle.
6/ what is priming of centrifugal pump? and how it is maintained.
7/ Temperature profile of counter flow and parallel flow heat exchanger.
8/ Write the bernaulis equation. Is it ok for newtonian fluid.
9/ A cylinder bore 80 mm and 100 mm stroke and clearance volume 70*10 to the power 3 mm3 what is the air standard efficiency?

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