Bangladeshi Students Associations in abroad

The Bangladeshi Students studying abroad are united and observes many programs representing Bangladeshi cultures. Many Bangladeshi talent students are studying in USA, UK, KOREA, JAPAN, GERMANY and many more countries in the world. These promising students are the asset of Bangladesh. They always tries to help the nation from outside of the countries. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there an Association of Bangladeshi students named as Bangladesh Students Association (BSA), MIT (Bangladesh Students Association MIT). The Association organizes many events Which representing Bangladeshi culture. Another Bangladeshi Students Association in UK (bangladeshistudents Association UK) which also organizes many events on the occasion of our national  important days. They not only organizes events also they helped in various national disasters. These organization also helps the new students about accommodation and others  types of held needed. Some Association are based on University. Bangladeshi Students Association of Mcgill (  connects all Bangladeshi students studying in Mcgill. Another Bangladesh Students Association in KOREA named as BSAK (BSAK) is the association of Bangladeshi students living in Korea. Their  aim is to showcase our country in a collective way through different activities, merge the Bangladeshi scholars in a common platform, and uphold our innovative partnership with Korea in cumulative apprehension.In the Pennsylvania State University  there is also Bangladesh Student Association( University of New Mexico Bangladesh Students Association (University of New Mexico BSA) observes International Mother Language day and other days. 
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