Titas Gas Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) written test Questions

Ø  Difference between pump, compressor, blower and fan
Ø  What is volumetric efficiency?
Ø  What is Ton of Refrigeration?
Ø  Write the second Law of Thermodynamics with Example.
Ø  What is Carnot Cycle
Ø  What is closed cycle Gas turbine and draw the , P-V diagram and T-S Diagram of Closed cycle gas turbine
Ø  What is VVTI?
Ø  What is Reynolds Number? What is the significant of Reynolds Number?
Ø  What is Nusselts Number?
Ø  What is Centrifugal pump and write the different parts of the Centrifugal pump and the Performance curve of Centrifugal Pump.
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