Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC)

Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC)
Written Exam, Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)
Marks-75, Time: 90 Minutes, Place: Dhanmondi Govt. Boys School, Dhaka

1. Differentiate between Impulse and Reaction Turbine. What is staging in turbine?
2. What is draft tube in Hydraulic turbine?
3. Draw the block diagram of Vapor compression refrigeration system and the P-V , T-S Diagram
4. What are the characteristics of good refrigerant? Why sub-cooling is necessary in refrigeration system.
5. Write down the major and minor losses in pumping system
6. Write down the second law of thermodynamics with practical examples
7. Differentiate between CI and SI Engine
8. Why flywheel is used in IC Engines?
9. A block 30 m by 30m weighing 80 Kg. The friction of Co-efficient from the block and earth is 0.27. find out the embedding force
10. Front, Top and Right hand side view of an Isometric view.
11. Write the Significant of the historical speech on March 7, 1971 by Bangabundhu
12. “Ekti Khamar Ekti Bari Prokalpo” reducing the poverty through female involvement- comments
13. Machineries used in Agricultural increasing the unemployment in rural area- comments.
 14. Vocational education impact on economic-comments
15. Differentiate- a) Newton’s Law & Daltons law b) Physical change & Chemical change c) Production & Manufacturing d) speed & velocity e) acceleration & retardation

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Admission Test of MBBS, BDS will be on Oct 24

Bangladesh Medical Admission test 2014-15
From the Bangla daily Prothom alo published the news about that the admission tests for medical and dental colleges for the 2014-15 academic session will be held on October 24.
A meeting was held at the health ministry in dhaka, DG Health services conformed this.
The health Minister Mr. Mohammad nasim chaired the meeting.
It was reported that the vice-chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, professor of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, leaders of Bangladesh Medical Association, Non-government Medical College Association and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and officials of the DGHS, among others.
For the report published in Prothom  alo:
English Link
Bangla Link

JU Admission Test 2014-15

Application for undergraduate admission (2014-15) is open for Jahangir Nagar University.
Admission Dead line : 17/08/14 to 31/08/14 night 12.00 AM. Subject wise Application.
Application can be done through Mobile.
More on:

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Earn Money instant by answering the following questions.
Time: 5.00 PM (GMT 6.00+) to 10.00 PM, 16/08/014

  1. Who is the present (2014) State Minister of Bangladesh? Answer:
  2. Which district are you from? And who is the Current MP? Answer:
  3. Who is the present (2014) secretary of SARRC? Answer:
  4. Who is the Present (2014) Foreign Minister of India? Answer:
  5. Where the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be held? Answer:

Quiz Prizes:
1. First Winner: Taka 100 (one hundred) Flexiload
2. 2nd  Winner: Taka 50 (fifty Flexiload
3. 3rd  Winner: Taka 20 (Twenty) Flexiload

Quiz Rule:
1. Answer all the quizzes and send the answers to the post comment with e-mail address
2. Send the quiz answers within the given period
3. If there are many right answers from the attendees then winner will be chosen by lottery.
4. Winners will be contacted through mail.

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Student Loan by CITY BANK

Many Bangladeshi Bank's are now offering credit system for the students, City is one of them.

City Bank offers Education Loan for the Bangladeshi Students.
They named the offers as City Scholar. The amount could be up to 10 Lac.
Details information can be found in any branches of City Bank.

Question Papers of BUTEX

Previous Year Question Papers of Bangladesh University of Textiles

1. Admission question : 2004-05. [Download], pdf (0.15Mb).
2. Admission question : 2005-06. [Download], pdf (0.15Mb)
3. Admission question : 2006-07. [Download], pdf (0.16Mb).
4. Admission question : 2007-08. [Download], pdf (0.14Mb).
5. Admission question : 2008-09. [Download], pdf (0.12Mb).

DU Admission Test 2014-15

Dhaka University Admission test 2014-15 for Undergraduate Program Important Date Schedule

Masters Program in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is one the good university in the world. Their world ranking position in 2013 was 251. (Reference : )
The masters program in petroleum Engineering and Petroleum geosciences is an attractive subject for International Students. The candidates should have BSc/BEng in Petroleum Engineering or BSc/BEng degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering with relevant experience from Petroleum sector can apply for the masters program.
For admission requirement and procedure  visit:
Students can attend in the Exchange program.
You can visit the Exchange program requirement and procedure:
IELTS score is an pre- requisite criteria to apply in any foreign country and good universities minimum requirement level is 6.5, so try to score at least 6.5 and apply for the desired subject. Another Important thing is the CGPA, the more the CGPA the more the possibility to get chance. So have a try, Good Luck

EGCB VIVA QUESTIONS-2014 Assistant Engineer Recruitment

(2014 Assistant Engineer Recruitment)
  1. Asked for  a famous person whose name is Also Harun and also his wife name
  2. Where is my home district?
  3. Did you visit any power plant?
  4. What is CCPT (combined cycle power plant) . What’s type of cycle use in CCPT?
  5. What is the other name of joule cycle?
  6. Draw the p-v diagram of a joule cycle?  
  7. What is cavitation? What happen when it occurs?
  8. Why use lubricant and lube oil?
  9. When you should change lube oil?
  10. Name the Types of bearing?
  11. What is GMT? How many times differs it from us?
  12.  What is your extra-curriculum activity?

HSC/Alim Result 2014

The Result of HSC/Alim 2014 will be published on 13 th August, 2014. .

  • Students can get their HSC Result 2014 on this website
  • Also candidates can get score through SMS-Mobile Type your message option- HSC/Alim<> First three letters of Board name<>Roll no<>2014 and send to 16222 number
For example,
HSCDha14785202014 send to 16222
AlimMad14785202014 send to 16222
HSCTec14785202014 send to 16222