asugnaj power station exam questions

Asuganj Power Station Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Written Exam Questions (2010)
1/ What is boiler mountings and accessories? Name 3 mountings and accessories
2/ What is fouling factor ? what is the importance of it at the design of boiler.
3/ Define Ton of refrigeration and COP.
4/ Draw schematic diagram of closed cycle gas turbine and corresponding T-S diagram for single stage inter cooling and Single stage heating chamber.
5/ Draw P-V and T-S diagram of carnot and stirling cycle.
6/ what is priming of centrifugal pump? and how it is maintained.
7/ Temperature profile of counter flow and parallel flow heat exchanger.
8/ Write the bernaulis equation. Is it ok for newtonian fluid.
9/ A cylinder bore 80 mm and 100 mm stroke and clearance volume 70*10 to the power 3 mm3 what is the air standard efficiency?

4th convocation of ruet

4th Convocation of Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology
The fourth convocation of RUET will be held on 18th November 2014. The registration date have started from 5th October and registration ending date is 26th October. The payment must be paid to the given address- Account name:Convocation, RUET, Account number:  240000018, Bank name :Rupali Bank Ltd.,Branch name:RUET Branch,Rajshahi.Swift code :RUPBBDDH, City:  Rajshahi, Country:Bangladesh. The convocation details is available on  - RUET- Convocation 2014

DU entrance exams freshers only

Dhaka University Will allow only freshers in Admission Test
Dhaka University (DU) 1st year admission system will be changed from next year.The  University authorities today decided not to allow the second times candidates to sit for admission tests from upcoming 2015-16 academic sessions. The Vice Chancellor of the university told the decision in the admission committee which was held in the senate building. Mr. Arefin Siddique VC of dhaka university shows different advantages of the new system. The Public Engineering university BUET, KUET, CUET, RUET have already introduced that system. The new system will discourage the coaching system and may lessen the unequal competition between the regular and irregular students. 
Sources: The Daily Star  

English grammar and usage

Everyone Vs.  Every One

Everyone (Single Word) is only for people (=everybody), Every One (two words) is for things or people and is similar to each one. (Ex. "Have you read all these books?" 'yes, every one')

1. Everyone Enjoyed the party (=everybody)
2. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to every one. (= to every party)

Source: English Grammar in use by Raymond Murphy 

Qatar Jobs resume Key features

Name of the Applicant
Personal Information:
Date of Birth, Nationality, Marital status, Gender, Mobile, E-mail, Skype
Career Objectives:
Academic Qualifications:
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Skills & Qualifications:
Personal skills
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