44th BMA SPL Course- EME (EEE/EECE)

44th BMA SPL Course- EME (EEE/EECE)
Collected By HIMEL & RAHAT
General Knowledge-50Marks (Pass Marks -20)

Question type
1. MCQ ( Maximum induction motor related)
2. General knowledge
3. Fill in the blanks
1. Second World War.
2. Bangladesh test status
3. National Flag (Ratio & Design)
4. Bangladesh liberation war sector
5. First Nobel prize in Bangladesh

6. Bangladesh time.
7. U.N. president name.
8. Savar national museum architect.
Maximum question was departmental related specially induction motor & synchronous motor.
9. Write five sentences on
i) ISIS ii) Ebola iii) Facebook
10. Elaboration of
i) www ii) UNDF iii) A21 iv) ISBN v)etc
44th BMA SPL Course- EME (EEE/EECE)
Collected By HIMEL & RAHAT
Departmental-100 Marks (Pass Marks-40)
Question types:
1. True/False
2. MCQ
3. Written
Topics covered:
Load factor, demand factor, frequency in dc supply, induction motor, p.f., Laser excitation, Laser type, math of pf, resistor, DC motor, Mosfet, etc.
4. What is LCD TV? Write down the advantages of LCD TV.
5. What types of fault occur in battery?
6. Write down the difference between dry cell & wet cell.
7. Why synchronous motor called constant speed motor?
8. Write down the difference between smart grid & micro grid.
9. Write down the properties of single phase single winding induction motor.
10. What types of motor will you use for a) Ceiling fan b) Wet grinder.
11. What is diode? Write down some names of diode.
12. Write some notes on
i) HDTV ii) WEGA
iii) Cable TV iv) Op-Amp
v) Non-Electronics
Courtesy: Engr. Md. Towhidul Islam, B.Sc Engineer (CUET)
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