The Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) Center, Dhaka

To receive current updates , counseling about Education USA , the Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) center, Dhaka  provides healthy support to the students , who are interested to pursue higher education in the USA. It also engaged in basic counseling on application process to American educational institutions, the EMK Center also provides students direct access to the American Center library resources like books, CDs and study guides along with the EMK Center’s own library resources. The counselor's are trained by EducationUSA and is available on weekdays at the EMK Center for one on one appointments and is also able to visit educational institutions, if proposed. The EMK Center coordinates directly with the American Center in order to ensure that students receive current, comprehensive and accurate information about colleges and universities in the USA.
Activity A:A: Free Seminar regarding studying in the US, EVERY TUESDAY, 3:30 PM @ EMK Center 
Activity B : Free Seminar on University Search Process,  WEDNESDAY [Twice a month], 3:30 PM @ EMK Center 
Address of the EMK Center:-
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