DPDC Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Questions

Recruitment Test : DPDC Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
Venue : BUET , Compiled By Engr. Kazi Mahmudul Hasan (RUET)

1. Find IB, ICQ, VCE ( Collector Feedback Transistor Circuit)
β= 90, R1= 420 K, R2=15 K, R3=7 K, V= 10 V.
2. Find the H(w) from following equation
4 d2y/dt2 + 2 dy/dt + 3 y (t) = 4 u(t)
3. Draw i) Unipolar RZ ii) Bipolar NRZ iii) Bipolar RZ signal for 11011001 Bit . In practical purposes which one is used and why?
4. A transformer delivery load 3A of P.F. =0.2. its primary and secondary turn ratio 1000 & 200. Find primary current when secondary delivering 80 A at P.F. = 0.8 . Also find primary power factor.
5. A transformer of 4 MVA, 13.2 KV has impudent ( 0.07 + j0.147) delivering power 8 MVA short transmission line having impedance 2 + j0.5. Load at the end of transmission line 10 MVa, 13.2 KV. Find impedance on new base 10 MVA, 13.2 KV also draw the circuit diagram.
6. A Balance Delta Load having resistance 10Ω of each phase is parallel with Balance Y-load having impedance (10 +  j6) of each phase. The supply voltage is 110 V. Find current and line voltage.

45th BMA Assistant Engineer (MECH.) Questions

1. The Purposes of Heat treatment.
2. a) Difference between ABS and TCS
    b) 1st Law of Thermodynamics
3. What is refrigeration?
4. a) Write down the Ohm’s law
    b) Difference between IC Engine and Steam Engine
5. a) Why use cutting fluid?
    b) What is FEI?
6. Describe- a) Compression ratio b) Poision ratio c) Volumetric efficiency
                    d) Piston displacement
7. Difference between motor and pump.
8. Difference between impulse turbine and reaction turbine
9. Difference between supercharge and turbocharger
10. Advantages and disadvantages of LPG in using a CAR..

EGCB, Assistant Engineer (Electrical) questions

Rony Parvej’s EEE Question Bank EGCB-2014, BUET
Recruitment Test Question of Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh (EGCB) 
Compiled by: Rony Parvej (IUT, EEE’07) 
Post: Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 
Time: 90 minutes Full Marks: 100 Exam Date: 23.05.2014 Venue: BUET
MCQ ( Non-Departmental) 60 x 0.75 =40
1. Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove
(a) SOx (b) NOx (c) suspended particulate matter (d) CO
2. Dumping is
(a) selling of goods abroad at a price well below the production cost at the home market price (b) the process by which the supply of a manufacture's product remains low in the domestic market, which batches him better price (c) prohibited by regulations of GATT (d) All of the above
3. Friction can be reduced by changing from (a) sliding to rolling (b) rolling to sliding (c) potential energy to kinetic energy (d) dynamic to static
4. The ozone layer restricts
(a) Visible light (b) Infrared radiation (c) X-rays and gamma rays (d) Ultraviolet radiation

44th BMA SPL Course- EME (EEE/EECE)

44th BMA SPL Course- EME (EEE/EECE)
Collected By HIMEL & RAHAT
General Knowledge-50Marks (Pass Marks -20)

Question type
1. MCQ ( Maximum induction motor related)
2. General knowledge
3. Fill in the blanks
1. Second World War.
2. Bangladesh test status
3. National Flag (Ratio & Design)
4. Bangladesh liberation war sector
5. First Nobel prize in Bangladesh

DESCO recruitment test written Questions

Recruitment Test Question of Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO)
Compiled by: Rony Parvej (IUT, EEE’07)
Post: Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
Time: unknown Full Marks: unknown
Exam Date: 12.12.2010 Venue: unknown

1. Why we use Y connection in alternator?
2. For the following circuit, prove that, f = 1/√ ( 1/L – R/L )
3. What is the maximum efficiency of 100 KVA transformer if core loss is 900W and full load copper
loss is 1600 W.
4. A battery is having 100 Ah capacity and 25% charge. If 10A load is continued for 6 hours then what
is the final condition of the battery?
5. Differentiate between diode rectifier and thyristor rectifier.
6. What is biasing? Write down it’s significance.
7. What is back emf? Write down it’s significance.
8. If per primary winding voltage is 1V then what will be the per secondary voltage?
9. Why transformer is rated in KVA?
10. What is Ferranti effect?
11. When quality factor ά = 100, C=10 pF, then R=?
12. Define Real power, Reactive power and apparent power.
13. Without power factor meter, how can we measure the power factor of a circuit?
14. Why impedance is greater in AC rather than in DC?
15. We have 100A dc and 100A ac. Which will produce high heat and why?
16. What would be the minimum applied voltage at AB point:
17. Given that, I = , l= , B= . What will be the value of force, F ?
18. Draw the circuit diagram of florescent lamp and incandescent lamp.
19. When speed = 950 rpm, pole = 6, f = 50 Hz then slip = ?
20. Why glass insulators are more used than porcelain insulators?
21. What are tha advantages of underground cable?
22. Why low voltage side is short circuited in short circuit test?
Courtesy: Engr. Md. Towhidul Islam, B.Sc Engineer (CUET)

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