BAPEX Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) written Exam 2016

BAPEX Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) written Exam 2016
01. Draw the typical room temperature stress-strain curve for i) Steel ii) ceramic iii) Polymer materials
02. Write the T-S Diagram of Re-heat cycle.
03. Write down five technologies that can be employed to store energy.
04. Abbreviate: LHMD
05. A vapor compression refrigeration system has handled a cooling load of 2 ton. Find the power of the compression in KW if COP is 3.5
06. Write down three failure theories applied on ductile materials and two failure theories applied on brittle materials.
07. Define bending moment and shear force diagram.
08. Write down the Bernoulli’s equation and solve a mathematical problem.
09. Draw a schematic boiler diagram.
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