student loan in bangladesh

Education Loan in Bangladesh for Students
Now-a-days many banks are operating in Bangladesh. Many students from different middle-class family are very eager to do their graduation from universities in different faculties. But sometimes due to financial problems they failed and their dreams are broken. It’s a matter of happiness for those students who have talent as well as eager to complete their graduation in different faculties from universities that different commercial bank with their different scheme comes forward to help them.  Student loan a new concept introduced in many banks.
IFIC Bank is one them is offering loans for students. PARUA (EDUCATION LOAN) the name of the IFIC bank education loan scheme is providing maximum Tk. 8.00 lac to be repayable in 12 to 48 monthly Installments. Some documents are needed for getting the line. To get more information about the loan procedure it needs to contact in  the nearest  BRANCHES.   
Mercantile Bank Education Loan:-
The Mercantile Bank Limited also provides EDUCATION LOAN may for any student of Bangladeshi National with excellent educational track record. Their scheme  provide financial assistance for further educational purposes like study abroad or within the country. The Mercantile Bank Payment will be made directly to the educational institutions and reimbursement to the borrower against proper receipt. Their maximum loan amount is  5 lacs for studying at home and 20 lacs for studying abroad. 
NCC Bank Education Loan:-
Thinking of higher studies abroad? Just think of us first - it is the theme of the NCC BANK education loan scheme. The loan limit is Minimum: BDT 100,000 and Maximum: BDT 1,000,000.The eligibility of the applicant is as:- Any Bangladeshi bonafide student, after successful completion of at least H.S.C,  complied all preconditions for getting admission and Visa formalities, have no bad reputation e.g. Criminal Record, Political connection etc.
Trust Bank Education Loan:-
TRUST BANK have also education loan scheme for students. To meet financial needs for higher education NCC bank provide 0.5 lac to 3 lacs to each student. The segments are: Confirmed Service holders, Businessman,  professionals and the age - Min. 25 years at the time of Application and Max. 60 years or Up to retirement age (whichever is Lower) at the end of Loan Tenure.
Prime Bank Limited Education loan:-
'Education Loan' of PRIME BANK is providing at easy terms and rates to the potential student. The features of Prime Bank education loans are- Shortest loan processing time, Competitive interest rate, Life insurance facility covering your payment obligations in the event of your death, Flexible repayment schedule, arly, full and partial settlement allowed, minimal documents etc.
UCB Education Loan:-
For educational purposed UCB have education loan scheme. Depending on parents income they offer the loan. Minimum income Tk .12,000 for salaried individuals and Tk. 25,000 for businessman whereas Tk. 10,000 for employees of Government, Semi government and Autonomous bodies. The maximum term of loan is 05 years. 1% of loan amount will be deducted as service charges.
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