Scolarship links and websites

Scholarship seekers are always searching for scholarship related websites, links etc. List of most useful websites to find international Scholarships/Positions (All-Levels).
1) To search for a scholarship (Undergrad /MS/Phd) or a position (researcher,Post-dc.) with respect to a specific research topic in a field :
2) To search for a Scholarship country wise at all levels of study :
3) European scholarships/fellowships and grants (Official web page of Europe) :
4) Big Database about jobs and Academic around the globe :
5) To find an opportunity at any level:
6) At any level, subject :
7) For Post Doctoral Positions:
8) PhD in france: 
9) People want to study in netharlands:
10) Find scholarships and study grants in Europe:
11) Scholarship database :
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