Interview Tips for the Freshers

After Completion of Graduation every students have a high expectation of getting a good job.
But most companies in all over the world looking for an experience people.
In this situation though have a good CGPA in the bachelor programs many fresher are not getting a good job and frustrated.
As a fresher there have been several questions like the following many fellows faced.

1. How could you control your subordinate as you are new and have no experience in this field.
    Your sub-ordinate might not accept you, in that case what could you do and what will be your   
      policy to maintain them.
2. What is your expected salary? If your expected salary will be high then you may be asked of why
    you are seeking large amount of money as you have no experience and the company will invest
    for  you for the first few months.
3. Why are you eager to do job in such a distance from your family?
4. What the most thing encourage to apply in our company?
5. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job among others candidates?
6. If you CGPA is low then - Your CGPA is not good and so how we understand that your career
   will be good.
7. What is your career plan in this company.
and so many questions you will face.
I am listed some amazon guide for interview facing tips.

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