Student Politics in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Independent Country since 1971.During 1757 first time it lost independence to British.1947 Bangladesh came to independent with the name Pakistan.It again come to independent from Pakistan in 1971.There are many political parties here in Bangladesh.Two major parties are ruling the country for the last 20 years name BNP and Bangladesh Awami League. Another big parties name Jamat Islam, Jatiya Party, Communist Party have also a large number of Supporters.
All of the parties BNP, Awami League, Jamat Islam, Communist Party have their Student Wings name ChattraDal, ChattraLeague, Shibir, ChattraMaitri.
In the previous time during liberation war, Language possession the students played a vital role.
Many leaders come through this student politics such as Tofail Ahmed, Obaidul Kader (Minister), Imdadu Haque and many more. But Now-a-day in Bangladesh, the more challenging phase of studentship is university/ college education which is highly influenced by criminalized politics. In each so-called political party in Bangladesh, we mark student wings which are used to demonstrate muscle power that goes against everything that an egalitarian society stands for.
Our Students should more focus on study and research.


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