50 Thousand Students may Get Admission in Public University!

A data shows there are some 54,000 seats at all 38 public universities, except National University and Open University, for first-year admission seekers and 3,750 at government medical and dental colleges for MBBS aspirants for the 2016-17 session.

This year's results show some nine lakh students passed H.S.C exams. Of them, 58,276 got GPA-5, the highest grade point average, and some 2.5 lac obtained GPA between 4 and 5. 

There are dozens of private universities and NU affiliates here, but students prefer public institutions like Dhaka University (DU) and BUET, CUET, KUET to pursue quality education at affordable tuition fees. DU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique said they will take in 6,800 students this year. Last year, 254,000 applicants vied for 6,600 seats for honors admission at DU.

But Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid is a bit optimistic about the accommodation of all the aspirants at higher educational establishments. "It's very likely that many won't succeed in getting entry to their preferred institutions, but they will be able to take admission to other institutions. We have huge seats at colleges", he added.

Meanwhile, a University Grants Commission official said, public universities, save colleges under National University and Open University, have some 54,000 seats for honors and private universities 70,000. The number of private universities now stands at 94. Of them, eight to 10 are yet to start enrolling students. On the other hand, all the 30 government-run medical colleges have 3,212 seats for MBBS first-year admission seekers. The number of seats is 6,205 at 69 private medical colleges.

In addition, there are 532 seats for admission seekers at a single state-run dental college and eight units of government medical colleges. The number of seats is 1,385 at 25 privately-run dental colleges.

An National University ( NU ) official said there were 333,293 seats for honors first-year admission seekers at 685 colleges in the 2015-2016 academic session. "This year, some more colleges may start taking students for honors admission. So, several hundred seats may increase at National University this year. But it will put a little impact on the total figure", he added.

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